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Call us today or schedule a preferred time for us to call you using the contact form below. We will schedule a complementary assessment with you and your love ones. This will allow us to get to officially introduced ourselves, and explain our services and gathering information to personalize a care plan for your needs and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

We will work together with you, your family, and if needed, your primary care physician to determine the best solutions to your situation. The plan of care provides an overview of the care being provided as well as a plan for Care Technicians to follow. We always review the plan of care with you and your family and modify it as needed.

Once the plan of care is approved, a Care Technician is assigned. We assign a Care Technician that will fit your needs and personality. Your newly assigned Care Technician will review your plan of care before entering your home. All symptoms and signs of current medical conditions will be highlighted; therefore, Care Technicians will know to immediately report any changes in your condition so we may promptly notify your primary care physician or medical team. Of course, we understand that matching a Care Technician is not an exact science, if there are any concerns regarding an assigned Care Technician, we will be more than happy to search for and provide a replacement as soon as possible.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does the state license your agency?
    • Do you have Register Nurse with a current active license?
    • Is your Professional Personal Care Technician trained and certified?
    • Do you perform criminal and DMV checks on your Reister Nurses and Personal Care Technician?
    • Do your Register Nurses perform supervision?
    • Does your agency take care of complete employee payroll responsibilities
    • Do you provide a Free in-home consultation? 

    The answer to these questions with Vibrant Hearts Home Care is YES!

    Vibrant Hearts Home Care Register Nurses team will conduct a comprehensive initial assessment and customized plan of care for you or your loved one. Then use that information to design and recommend a proposed plan of care. The Register Nurses Team will review the plan with you on a regular basis every 90 days or earlier if needed and adjust it as necessary. With your permission, we will gladly coordinate with other professionals on your care team to make sure you are receiving the level of care that is most appropriate.

    Yes, we highly encourage it. Allow each party to get to know each other and ask questions before making any commitments. We can arrange virtual or in-person interviews in our office or at your home

    No. Vibrant Hearts Home Care will respect your privacy as mandated by HIPAA.

    Vibrant Hearts Home Care provides complimentary car service, ensuring reliable, on-time arrival of our Live-in aides to the clients’ homes. Hourly Professional Personal Care Technicians have their mode of transportation to get to their assignments. Vibrant Hearts Home Care will provide car service when transportation is an issue.

    If you call us or send us an inquiry via our website during business hours, you should expect a rapid response. If contact us after business hours our experts will respond within 12 hours including weekends and holidays.

    Yes. Expert requires all employees to complete a minimum of 12 hours of In-Service “training” a year. This training meets all OSHA requirements. Also, we provide specialized ongoing training in childcare, infant care, dementia, prenatal, postpartum, and mental health.

    Yes – All our personnel has passed national background and motor vehicle checks, been extensively screened through in-depth interviews and reference checks, and are certified, bonded, and insured.

    No. Vibrant Hearts Home Care work for you and is attentive to your needs. We can adjust your care plan as needed and as appropriate. You can discontinue our services at any time

    We bill by the hour for most of our services. The price will be higher or lower depending on a variety of factors including the type, volume, and frequency of services we provide for you. Most scheduled visits require a four-hour minimum.

    Vibrant Hearts Home Care is currently accepting privately paid clients and families and can work with you if you have long-term care insurance. We bill for our services on a weekly basis. We do require a one-time deposit. We do offer the option to pay for our services via a debit card, credit card, or ACH payment using our secure, automated online payment system. You will always receive a detailed, weekly invoice. For families who are sharing the cost of home care, we can accommodate splitting bill payments.

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